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The E10, a new fuel?

It is since 1 April 2009 this new fuel that is distributed to more environmentally friendly use that shot without "normal". The E10 is actually a mixture of 90% of conventional unleaded and 10% ethanol with all the advantages but also the drawbacks of this fuel...
And few people know but our unleaded petrol now is already constituted approximately 6.5% ethanol, the shift to 10% allows France to show that it goes even further than the wishes of European Union requesting a rate of 7% ethanol by 2010.
To say it is more communication than anything else, there is only one step ...

No E10 in Germany

The Germany also wanted to offer E10 to its population, the project was finally abandoned because the E10 is more corrosive to the engine would have been incompatible with more than 3 million vehicles too old.
The germany wanted to replace his super by E10, France has chosen to offer the 2 fuels at a time which overcomes these problems of compatibility.

A future for the E10?

The government seemed determined to ensure that the E10 does not suffer the same fiasco that E85 and newer vehicles that can use this fuel without modification one can think that this fuel can have a future in France.
For some cons as France Nature Environment denounce nonsense ecological ethanol that goes in the direction of deforestation, which leaves less for the grain market power, which is a shame given the number of people starving in the world.

In conclusion

So why is there so many E10 push by France while other alternatives are possible and more beneficial for the environment? It should perhaps look at who will benefit from this market to find the answer...

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