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Cars Flexfuel

Vehicles "Flexfuel" allow for multiple types of fuels. It is for example possible to use super unleaded or bioethanol and even mix them.

These vehicles are equipped with nozzles and special electronic sensors to adjust the engine in real time based on fuel injected. In addition the various joints of the engine are also special because they must resist corrosion produced by ethanol.


We found these vehicles mainly in Brazil, which is logical since the country hopes to become the ethanol that Saudi Arabia is to oil. The second country consomation Flexfuel vehicle is Sweden. The France when she offers to this type of vehicle only since 2005, and supply is currently still very limited.

It is also possible to transform an existing car kit through Flexfuel ranging from 500 to 1000 euros, but all vehicles are not compatible and should not be such equipped indirect multipoint injection.

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